The State of the Onion (An Observation)

In the last few months we have seen many negative changes in this country of ours. Wars, stock market failures, and social upheaval. These are not your fault, they are the result of corporate greed, mismanagement, and leaders who are taking care of themselves instead of the people who we have entrusted to protect you and me. Our retirement funds have been depleted, our stocks are worthless, and now we are left to our own devices.

This writer is not and never has been a political animal. But when poverty comes knocking on everyone’s door, we must act. Who wins the presidency will not affect the overall outcome of our lives. The only thing that will save us is alternative thinking, alternative ways of doing things, and a do it yourself attitude. We as citizens must take care of ourselves, because the government, Wall Street, the banking system are overinflated dinosaurs. Dinosaurs, as we know, became extinct because of their inability to adapt to a changing world. Some of our present day dinosaurs, after being bailed out went on an expensive retreat with thousands of dollars in bar bills, massages, and high end meals. Ah, the spoils of the Golden Parachute. This kind of arrogance is traditional in the good old boys network, which has ruled this country and the world for far too long.

Think for yourselves. Don’t let mortgage brokers, stock brokers, or other butt monkeys tell you what to do Think for yourselves. Seek alternatives. Do research. What got us into this mess is big headed egomaniacs telling you what to do. It is now a fact that the world has changed. The problem is, the world changed long ago, but no one was awake enough to see it The only thing we as a society were and are guilty of is, we trusted these people with the golden parachutes to advise us. This world is dead We must now become small intelligent mobile units who can think and adapt to the changes we are confronted with. deals in vintage entertainment. But what is vintage entertainment? Well, in the Depression of the 1929 and beyond, many film studios produced the classics that we still regard as classics some seven decades later. Those studios provided escape for folks who had gone through what we might be facing in the twenty-first century. (Let’s hope not ) This was also the Golden Age of science fiction literature, which blossomed into the 1950s sci-fi film boom. But nonetheless, they provided quality films, which are in short supply these days. Point being, we have opportunities in our personal lives as well as in popular culture. is going to continue to provide reviews, interviews, and commentaries on vintage entertainment, and contemporary entertainment with an eye to the future. We will get through this, but we will end up living in a new world. And maybe living in a new world will enhance our appreciation of our collective history.

We want to take this opportunity the thank all our readers for your support, and hope not to disappoint you in the future.

Years ago I saw a video of a Billy Joel concert in Russia. At the end of that concert, he stood up and told his Russian audience, “Don’t take shit ”

To better days

Jan Alan Henderson

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