A Perfect Haze
By Harvey and Kenneth Kubernik

Available November 1, 2011 from Santa Monica Press

Forty-four years later, a true account of what really went on at Monterey has been put into book form by Harvey and Kenneth Kubernik. Sure, you've all seen the movie, listened to the CDs, and have heard this tale retold time and time again. But if you think you knew the truth about this monumental festival, think again.

The Kubernik brothers have gone above and beyond the call of duty to give us the most comprehensive insights into this legendary festival all these years ago. Culled from interviews with the surviving participants and photographic archives that no one until now could have been privy to, this is a sensational rewind in history of the festival that started it all.

So for those who are interested in this amazing event, I would highly suggest you check out this new book; available Tuesday, November 1, 2011

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