Josie Cotton
Invasion of the B-Girls
Scruffy Records

It's that time of year. The jack-o'-lanterns are flickering, the apple cider is bubbling, the bowls of candy corn are laid out, and you're squeezing into your Halloween costume getting ready for the big blow-out on All Hallows Eve. Have you forgotten anything? Well, if you're going to party, you might need some spooky tunes, and we've got just the CD that will be the hit at parties throughout the land, Josie Cotton's Invasion of the B-Girls.

The CD blasts off with an Intro of revving hotrods, smoke and fire surging into "Maneaters" from the wild and wacky flick, She Devils On Wheels. Josie and Gals ain't takin' no mess as they declare they ain't makin' no deals. You can smell the burnt rubber and asphalt oozing out of the CD player as the track comes to a screeching halt. But that's not all that's oozing out of that player, 'cuz here comes that amoeboid, super intelligent goop from space, "The Green Slime," that will bring the world to an end once and for all. Better the green slime than a bunch of Washington fat cats! Cotton's voice is smooth as silk on this cut, and the wah-wah guitar adds a sticky sonic fourth dimension that could be green ectoplasm from deep space.

Next up is Cotton's take on a tale of too many pills and too many frills from, where else, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. I remember first seeing this at a drive-in in Orange County, California as a young adult, and after the picture ended it was hard to tell if the audience got what this B-Cinema masterpiece was all about. The string arrangement and actor Pter Beckman's oral recitation enhance the piece to way beyond the B-Movie music level.

Kenny Lyon blows a mean harmonica on "The Girl in the Gold Boots," along with Geza's scorching lead guitar and Dave Kendrick's rock solid drumming. This is a testament to one and all that as long as Josie's wearing those gold boots, they'll be fit for rockin'.

"Run, Pussycat" from the film Faster, Pussycat Kill, Kill is an all-out rocker written by soundtrack kings Bert Shefter, Paul Sawtell, with Rick Jarraed and Donna DiMartino along for the rail ride of the century.

"Who Killed Teddy Bear?" is strictly James Bondsville. Josie does her best Shirley Bassey "Goldfinger" rendition that augments Stevie Black's lush pure 60s string arrangement. The only thing that's missing is Sean Connery walking into a hotel room to find a dead golden girl in his bed. Who Killed Teddy Bear? starred Sal Mineo, Juliet Prowse, and Jan Murray, and was released in 1965. There's some priceless cheesy organ riffs that are sure to please Farfisa fans. A jewel for the ears!

"Shiawaseo Yobou (Let's Try to be Happy)" is the main theme for the Toho classic from 1964 Ghidrah, the Three Headed Monster, and was Josie's inspiration for this CD of cult classics, and is sung in Japanese. A delicate little number from the Shobijin Fairies, asking the legendary Mothra to save Planet Earth. Where's Mothra when we need her!

"Black Klansman" from the Ted V. Mikel's K.K.K. exploitation film of the same name has a hurdy-gurdy organ with a fuzz guitar solo that reminds me of Cotton's eightie's selection, sung in that irresistible baby doll voice that made her world famous.

"Good-bye Godzilla" is from The Return of Godzilla and has almost a prog-rock vibe. I hope the big fella with the fire breath knows how hard Ms. Cotton has worked to give the old boy a great send-off. This one is sung in Japanese too, which adds so much to the cut.

"Maneaters" (the Ursula 1000 mix) is a techno reshuffle of the CD's opening cut, and could be a runaway hit in contemporary dance clubs.

This CD is a stand-out for fans of B pictures, and guaranteed to keep any party bopping. All we can ask for is MORE!

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